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Creating a Portal Template for Oracle WebCenter 12c

Oracle WebCenter 12c uses a different paradigm than OWC 11.X used. In 11.x, the portal site could be completely created within JDeveloper. OWC 12 seems to expect most of your structural changes will be made within their interface. But that ‘making’ is difficult. You can modify a template. But that doesn’t mean modifying the header or footer. To do that, you still need JDeveloper.

My thanks to the sources listed below, that finally put me on the right track with this project.

Start in JDeveloper by creating a WebCenter Portal Asset Application.  Once you reach the Portal Asset properties page, select Portal Template. For more details, including screenshots, see Peter Hemesath’s blog post.

JDeveloper will open up a graphic representation of your portal template. Modify it as you wish.

Graphics apparently can’t be included with the template. Those will need to be added separately to the Content Server. Log into the WebLogic Content Server. Click on New Check-In at the top. Select Digital Media – Audio, video and images. Complete the rest of the form and upload your item.

Oracle WebCenter Content Check-in

Once you complete the upload, you’ll be shown the information and a link. Use that link in your template to insert the graphic. If you ‘lose’ the link, you can find it again by selecting Browse at the bottom of the screen, then selecting Folders and following the path where you put the item.

Oracle WebCenter content details

When your template is completed, right-click on the project name and select Deploy/New Deployment Profile.

JDeveloper Deployment

In the first dialog, select Shared Library JAR File.

Oracle WebCenter Shared Library Archive

The rest is pretty intuitive.

Once you deploy your archive, you’ll be able to see it as a template choice.

Oracle WebCenter Portal Templates

Each time you make a change, you simply upload the template again and the changes will be reflected in the portals for which you selected that template.


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