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Migrating Gitorious to Another Server, Part II


When we last left our intrepid explorer, she was having problems with the new ssh keys being ‘Ready’. Uploading them was no problems. But the ‘Ready’ column in settings never had a checkmark.

The keys were in the file:


I found a clue here:


I tried the suggested command line (edited for the ‘acutal’ installation path):

QUEUE=* /var/www/gitorious/app/bin/rake resque:work

When I ran it manually, I saw the following warnings:

Failed loading some test dependencies: cannot load such file -- ci/reporter/rake/minitest WARNING! No value set for 
exception_recipients in gitorious.yml. Will not be able to send 
email regarding unhandled exceptions

But the keys were finally ‘ready’.

After reading about ‘Upstart’ files in CentOS, I did check that the script was running. And it was:

root 42854 1 0 15:26 ? 00:00:00 /bin/bash -i -l -c chruby ruby- && /var/www/gitorious/app/bin/rake resque:work git 42883 42854 64 15:26 ? 00:00:01 ruby /var/www/gitorious/app/bin/rake resque:work root 42886 51222 0 15:26 pts/0 00:00:00 grep resque

So I’m still at a loss as to why the polling isn’t working. I’m also curious why, if the key was in the authorized_keys file why I still couldn’t connect with that server.

More items to ponder!