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Merging Redmine Databases

Many plug-ins have been written to allow a person to migrate from other issue tracking systems to Redmine. In these casese, the assumption is that the company is discarding an old issue tracking system and starting with a new Redmine installation. Ours is a different scenario. Our group is already using Rackspace. And we were merging with a group that had their own installation of the software. So what I needed to be able to do was merge the two databases together.

The ‘new’ team had two projects in their system, only one of which was of interest to us. That project already existed in our system. A number of users overlapped in the two systems. And the ‘new’ team’s system included some Redmine plugins that we weren’t using. The last one proved to be the most difficult to deal with.

The integration of the wiki into ours was very straightforward. What proved to be difficult was the issues. Using the existing ‘merge’ plug-ins as templates, as well as my knowledge from having created a limited interface (for our clients to see their issues, but not everything in the system), I was able to figure out most of the entries that needed to be moved over.

The easiest method of combining the issues into our system proved to be getting a csv extract from the ‘new’ system, parsing that, and adding it in. Unfortunately, doing it that way, we missed out on any attachments as well as any update history for the issues.

Scripts for migration