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Mounting a Windows Drive on Ubuntu

We have a development system that is separate from our regular corporate system. Unfortunately, that means that any off-site backups aren’t happening. In order to allow for a backup of data we need to keep, I needed to mount a Windows drive to a Linux box, to copy the files over to the corporate system for backup.

I tried for half a day to accomplish this, using both NFS and CIFS mounts. The first thing I discovered was that the drive I was trying to mount to was not a physical drive on the box I was trying to access. Apparently, that’s not acceptable for NFS. And, to my chagrin, CIFS would allow it, but I could never write to the drive. Next issue I found was that the mount didn’t like network logins; I needed to use a login from that machine, and I needed to make sure the drive had write permission for that user. Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t write to the non-local drive.

So, with a local login, and a local drive to the Windows box, I was able to accomplish my task.

On the Windows box, I did a simple share. And I made sure the drive had write permissions for the local user I would use. On the Ubuntu box, I used the following in the fstab file:

//server/share /ubuntu/mountpoint cifs user=windowslocaluser,password=userpw,defaults 0 0